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Projects, shows, work in progress

NOW IS AVAILABLE! Full video of the tiny paper show (4-minutes).

 "The Land of Counterpane" a visual journey through play-poems of R.L Stevenson and the uncertain times.

click on image below-


"Little Tree Giant", 

a 15-minute interactive paper silhouette performance, unfolds on a long table. Figures are paper cut out figures strikethrough with colored crayons.

Designed and performed by Yulya Dukhovny 

For all ages 8+.

"Chekhov in quarantine" : Three Sisters", "Ivanov"

 Zoom Theatre collaboration with the international cast of actors.

"Small Enchantments"

collaboration with Theatre Arts Department of Westmont Collage, Santa Barbara CA:

"this surprising tale bursts to life through interlocking monologues and tiny paper worlds"..

Cymbeline promo is now available:

A Real Elephant

paper toy theater piece performed in an old suitcase. The show has been performed at the International Festivals of Paper and Toy Theater in France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, as well as in the USA (Great Small Works, "92 street Y", etc).

Nadia, a little girl, loses her passion for life. All day long she lies in her bed, dull, getting thinner and weaker. Until one day, following a dream she has dreamed, she makes a wish. She would like a real elephant to visit her. Will her father take this challenge and make it happen? Will she get well?


As the story unfolds, the udience will gasp upon the revelation of the larger-than-life leading character!

"A Real Elephant" is a theatrical retelling of the children's novel by A. Kuprin, great classical writer, explorer and adventurer. One of many Russian émigrés writing in Pari