Scope toy Theater -
Real Elephant toy theater piece performed in a vintage suitcase.

Nadia, a little girl, loses her passion for life. All day long she lies in her bed, dull, getting thinner and weaker. Until one day, following a dream she has dreamed, she makes a wish. She would like a real elephant to visit her. Will her father take this challenge and make it happen? Will she get well?
...As the story slowly unfolds, the children will gasp upon the revelation of the larger-than-life leading character!..

Short video presentation:

A Premiere of the show took place at the "92 street Y" in  New York in November 2010.
The show had been developed and changed through new designs, ideas, metaphors. 
A Real Elephant travelled throughout the country and the Globe:
"On Edge" Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in Santa - Barbara, Automata Arts in Los Angeles, Detroit Institute of Arts, "Garage" Museum of the Contemporary Art in Moscow, International Paper Theater Festivals in France, Germany, Russia and Mexico. 

 “... a unique theatrical experience for all ages!” -  "92streetY"  

"Real Elephant" is a theatrical retelling of the children's novel by A.Kuprin, great classical writer, explorer and adventurer. One of many Russian émigrés writing in Paris in the first part of the 20th century, Alexander Kuprin writes an "Elephant" in 1907 for reading aloud to children.. This short heartwarming and charming story became a favorite for children of all ages.  
35 min. piece performed in English or Russian.
Seating is limited to 40 

original idea, design, music:
Yulya Dukhovny
narrative voice:
Neil Averill (EN)
Masha Pushkareve (RU)

soundtrack mix:
Val Spolyansky


Star in a Glass Jar - a 30 min. toy theater piece performed in a window frame.
The show inspired by the traditions and charm of Kamishibai, a method of storytelling originating from Japan.

Smells of cinnamon and apple pies, soft clinking of toy ornaments...The perfect holidays time feeling; unless something goes terribly wrong. "Star in a Glass Jar" is an incredible adventure of one child's letter with no address, which finds its way to the other side of the world. There, in a small village, may live someone willing and ready to help.

Original story, design, piano score: Yulya Dukhovny     
written by Priscilla Gallardo and Celeste Rose Dukhovny  
Voice of narration and vocal: Claire Finnk

For the entire family (5+)

Seating is limited to 35.   

"очень рождественский, очень пронзительный, очень правдивый, очень волшебный, очень бумажный, очень настоящий - ТЕАТР". Seasons-project.  

December 2012: "One of 10 best holiday events in Moscow" by "Moscow Reporter". 


 Театр-Игрушка residency Moscow, Russia

Resident at the Meyerhold Theater and Cultural Center in Moscow 2014-2016

"Дом под Столом" (6+),

"Повстречались  на Площади Картонной" (10+) 

"К вам идёт СЛОН!

"Мне очень нужна звезда" (6+)                                   

written, designed and directed by Yulya Dukhovny 

Seats are limited to 40.
Duration of the shows: 40 min.
Performed by Marina Kutsenko, graduated from GITIS (The Russian University of Theatrical Arts)

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